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Welcome Friends, Foes and those who are neutral. You have entered the Domain of the Elthin Warriors Pack. Here you will find a supreme Wolf RPG Pack. I am Flint, a Cora (Alpha) of this Pack. We Welcome you to our home and hope you enjoy your stay, and consider to join this Pack. We are a WolfQuest based Pack and if your wishing to join us, you have to apply on there.

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Elthin Warriors Pack

Elthin Warriors Pack is a Supreme Wolf RPG Pack. We are based off WolfQuest.
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It is now Autumn in the RolePlay, Weather now has a slight chill to its air, and the sun's rays aren't as powerful as they were previously in summer.
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 RolePlaying Rules

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PostSubject: RolePlaying Rules   Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:53 pm

Okay so heres the list of Rules for the RolePlay;

1. You must be posting at least 6+ lines per post. If you can't think of anything to write, just describe the scenery around your wolf, and such. There should be no trouble with this.

2. No PowerPlaying or Auto-Hitting. It is unfair to those you are PowerPlaying / Auto-Hitting and is unrealistic. Seeing as we are a supreme RolePlaying Pack we expect realism! Also, you can only dodge an attack to a certain extent; you can still be injured whilst dodging.

3. Furthermore, no body is allowed to 'kill' anyone unless it has been discussed with the Cora's of the Pack first. Please keep fighting to a minimal, again it is unrealistic, play fighting is common, but real fighting is quite rare and only really occurs between intruders and pack members.

4. Please don't take anything another member says to you in the RP personal, It is a RolePlay and no harm is meant by any of it.

5. Your Wolf can talk, always put speech in speech marks " " and italics, I also like to add some colour to talking, such as green for my own Character, and Olive for Characters talking to me. For thinking please put them in apostrophes ' ' and italics I generally leave thinking without a colour. Please also remember that Wolves / Canid's talk a lot through body language as well, so don't be afraid to RP a bit of that as well ; )

6. Furthermore, we RolePlay in 3rd term/person. Please also make sure you’re always talking in the past tense. Such as: Obsidian closed his eyes.

7. Wolf appearance must be kept to as Realistic as possible, you can find pictures of just about every colour wolf on Google and Wikimedia, please take some time to look around for a reference. This means no shades of pink, purple, blue, green etc. also any spots, stripes or foreign markings. Once again this is realistic.

8. There is to be no cussing / swearing in the RolePlay, just as the rest of the site. You can put things such as: Obsidian cursed(swore) under breath. No actual swear words are allowed.

9. You have to have made your wolf's biography first and waited for one of the leads to give you the go ahead to RP. Also in your Wolf's Bio, where it says what colour the eyes put "has .... coloured orbs," orbs being the key word so we know that you have read the rules put here.

10. Make sure you have Fun!
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RolePlaying Rules
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