Elthin Warriors Pack
Welcome Friends, Foes and those who are neutral. You have entered the Domain of the Elthin Warriors Pack. Here you will find a supreme Wolf RPG Pack. I am Flint, a Cora (Alpha) of this Pack. We Welcome you to our home and hope you enjoy your stay, and consider to join this Pack. We are a WolfQuest based Pack and if your wishing to join us, you have to apply on there.

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Elthin Warriors Pack

Elthin Warriors Pack is a Supreme Wolf RPG Pack. We are based off WolfQuest.
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It is now Autumn in the RolePlay, Weather now has a slight chill to its air, and the sun's rays aren't as powerful as they were previously in summer.
Original News Idea (c) to Anat / Xiald
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 The Pack Members

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PostSubject: The Pack Members   Sat Apr 30, 2011 5:18 am

Here you will find a list of the Pack Members and their Ranks;

~ Noldo ~
The Noldo are the elders of the pack. They are Wise and are ranked highly. Elders must earn their position, They do not have a ranking as such, but are greatly seeked out by the leaders of the pack. They are moderators on site.

Lead Noldo - Must be earned
Noldo -
Noldo -
Noldo -

~ Cora ~
The Cora are the Alpha's of the Pack. What they say goes, they are dominant, they stand tall and proud. But, they aren't feared by those below them. They are Admins on the site.
Cora -
Cora - Wyatt
Cora - Charity
Cora - Ayla

~ Minya ~
The Minya are the Beta's of the pack. They answer to the Alpha's and are Co-Leaders of the Pack, Being second in charge, they are the leaders when the Alpha's are away. They are the Moderators on the site.
Minya -
Must be earned
Minya - Must be earned

~ Nelde ~
The Nelde are the Delta's of the pack and are third in charge. They lead the pack when the Cora and Minya are absent. They are peacekeepers in the pack. They are Moderators on site.
Nelde -
Must be earned
Nelde - Must be earned
Nelde - Must be earned
Nelde - Must be earned

~ Ohtar ~
The Ohtar are the warriors of the pack, they defend the pack against rivals and intruders. They are strong and powerful, most are taller than normal wolves and are a lot stronger too.
Lead Ohtar -
Must be earned
Ohtar - Bellatrix
Ohtar -
Ohtar -
Ohtar -

~ Vasa ~
The Vasa are the hunters of the pack, they provide food and are exceptionally patient, they are sleek and strong, endurance is their virtue.
Lead Vasa -
Must be earned
Vasa -
Vasa -
Vasa -
Vasa -

~ Edhel ~
The Edhel are the scouts of the pack, they are nimble and quick. They Scouts the borders of the territory to watch for intruders, never confronting them. They warn the Ohtar of their findings.
Lead Edhel -
Must be earned
Edhel -
Edhel -
Edhel -
Edhel -

~ Fallaner ~
The Fallaner are the healers of the pack. They are skilled in herbs and medicinal remedies. They are intelligent and wise, the Leaders of the pack will occasionally seek them out for guidance.
Lead Fallaner -
Must be earned
Fallaner -
Fallaner -
Fallaner -
Fallaner -

~ Nessa ~
The Nessa are the pups of the pack. They are the young of the pack, whether reeled in or born into the pack. The whole pack looks after them, and takes them into teaching them the ways of the pack.
Nessa -

Nessa -
Nessa -
Nessa -

~ Di'Thang ~
Di'Thang are the Omega's of the pack, they are lowest of the pack, they generally look after the pups and keep the pack happy. They are fun and playful.
Lead Di'Thang -
Must be earned
Di'Thang -
Di'Thang -
Di'Thang -
Di'Thang -

= Male
= Female
= Creator
= Trusted with the Noldo
= Trusted with the Cora
Ω = Pack Member of the Month (PMotM)
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The Pack Members
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