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Welcome Friends, Foes and those who are neutral. You have entered the Domain of the Elthin Warriors Pack. Here you will find a supreme Wolf RPG Pack. I am Flint, a Cora (Alpha) of this Pack. We Welcome you to our home and hope you enjoy your stay, and consider to join this Pack. We are a WolfQuest based Pack and if your wishing to join us, you have to apply on there.

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Elthin Warriors Pack

Elthin Warriors Pack is a Supreme Wolf RPG Pack. We are based off WolfQuest.
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It is now Autumn in the RolePlay, Weather now has a slight chill to its air, and the sun's rays aren't as powerful as they were previously in summer.
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 Karma the Knowing (WIP)

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Immortal Age: 3
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PostSubject: Karma the Knowing (WIP)   Fri Oct 21, 2011 1:38 am


Personal Information

                • Gender :: Female
                • Age :: Roughly three years of age
                • Nicknames :: Karmie, Karms,
                • Rank :: Edhel

Bonds Formed

        • Mother :: Priscilla
        • Father :: Granz
        • Brothers (in order of age) :: Sturm, Quincy, Nicholi, Jayne, Orion, Tanis
        • Sisters (in order of age) :: Lavender, Myth
        • Prior Love Interest (s) :: Rowan
        • Current Love Interest :: None
        • Pups :: None
        • Friends :: Being new to the pack, she has not formed bonds yet
        • Enemies :: There are few who remain alive who can even be remotely considered enemies, and even then, they are shoved into the deepest recesses of her mind to only be recalled in nightmares.


      • Fur Colour :: An inky black that closely resembles the darkness of the night-sky.
      • Eye Colour :: A bright amber laced with a deep gold, making the two orbs appear to be little suns when they gleam.
      • Markings :: There are small white markings beneath her eyes, which entails all of the markings she has, save for white ticking in the tip of her tail and natural gradients in her fur.
      • Build :: The slightest bit smaller than average, she's got a strong body. Her legs are a bit shorter than she would like them to be, but they don't hinder her too much. There's not a lot about her build that is utterly remarkable, as a lot of it is hidden by her fluffy fur.
      • Coat Length :: Short to Medium
      • Coat Appearance :: Her coat is kept nice, soft, and clean, as it often get matted and dull when she lets her attention wander from it for too long. The fur itself is relatively thin and fluffy, hiding the contours of her body.


    • Temperment :: Being raised with three brothers, Karma is not what you would call "soft." She may be silent a lot of the time, but that's because she's calculating a scene, seeing how it plays out before it actually does. Being rather intuitive about those around her and her surroundings, she can generally figure out a general idea of what's going on without being told anything. She's not entirely afraid of giving her opinion once comfortable with a group, but may keep more quite before so. Mysterious to strangers and a riot to friends, Karma's one for good times and giving it her all. She's got a sort of air to her that can either make you feel comfortable around her or put you on edge. Odds are, you set a good first impression, and all is well. Otherwise, you may as well not even try with this one. She can be a tad bit sarcastic when angry, and can snap like a twig when under too much pressure. Always blunt, she hates beating around the bush, but can be secretive about her own feelings.
    • Likes :: Company, Laughter, Spring
    • Dislikes :: Being alone, Silence, Death, Sacrifice, Winter
    • Fears :: Death of those she cares about, Wolverines
    • Habits :: Clawing at grass, Muttering to herself
    • Strengths :: Though her short legs may be seen as a hindrance, they aid in making her aim that much better, due to her having to be closer to the target than others would be. She's also rather intuitive, so not much gets passed her.
    • Weaknesses :: Due to her shorter than average legs, she's not overly fast when it comes to running, but isn't really slow, either. Her stamina also suffers from this. At times, she can zone out and will come to being jumpy and irritable. Its times like these when others question her sanity.


Work in the progress
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Personality: Caring and always willing to listen.

PostSubject: Re: Karma the Knowing (WIP)   Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:41 pm

Great bio Karma. Glad to have you with us, welcome to the pack!

Existence is the collaborative effort of life and death.

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Personality: She has a soft heart, just don't mess with her pup.

PostSubject: Re: Karma the Knowing (WIP)   Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:40 am

It's great to have you here Karmie! You making a new history?

Click them everyday.

Take a click!

And this one too!
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PostSubject: Re: Karma the Knowing (WIP)   

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Karma the Knowing (WIP)
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